Death’s Merchant

Knocking on Fate’s door was an easy dare for Trin. Or, so she thought. Her foolish prank ended in a curse to bring the god of Death to the world. Now, Trin’s travels leave death in her wake so she’s desperately trying to break Fate’s curse and reclaim her destiny.

Wilt has been promised godhood by the Mother of the Gods. He should have asked a few questions about the process, because it’s filled with pain and torture at the hands of Justice. He’s trying to find a way to escape, or better yet, kill the god of Justice.

Jem has attracted the attention of the gods with the list of people he’s got to kill. His father is first on the list.

Can Trin, Wilt, and Jem outwit Fate and outrun Justice? Find out in Death’s Merchant. Click here to get your copy today!

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