20% Done With Book Two

Not Lu here: The family went to Hawaii for Thanksgiving and Justan wrote almost every day. Here he is writing while The Mother and The Brothers read. And before you ask, yes, we went to Hawaii and sat around reading…. at least we moved around from couch to chair to deck to patio to hammock to beach and back to the couch.

Now for an update on Book Two in the Common Among Gods series. Justan has 86,000 words in the official draft (and another 21,000 word in a “to be used” pile). The official words are in 15 chapters that are complete or in progress. So officially, he’s about 20% of the way through the first draft assuming he keeps the word count to 400,000 words (the same size as Death’s Merchant). However, he told me last night that he’s worried that it might end up 600k words (something about Sybil not getting enough attention… blah, blah, blah). I gave him a stern reprimand then sent him back to work so let’s hope he can discipline himself and just finish the damn book.