More Time for Writing Because of OneUp App

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook know that I like to post quotes from Death’s Merchant. Every week, I usually load up 10 to 20 quotes with images that I think you’ll enjoy. The problem with this is that it takes valuable time away from my writing. So, what’s an author to do? Find an automated solution, of course!

I went in search for an auto-scheduler and found a great social media scheduler called OneUp. It lets me upload my quotes and pictures automatically from a file instead of having to load them one at a time. The cool thing about it is all I have to do is set a schedule for what time of day (for each day of the week) I want quotes to post on Facebook or Twitter then upload a file. OneUp puts the social media post into my schedule automatically. Now it only takes a few minutes for what used to take an hour. What that means for you is that I now have more time to get you the next book in the Common Among Gods series.

Another benefit for you is that OneUp can schedule Instagram quotes too. So, those of you who are on Instagram can follow me at where I’ll start posting quotes sometime over the next few days.